AMA Dog 500 ml.

50% of dogs have health problems and 50% are trying to keep in shape. Both of them are a clear target for our product !

Ama-Dog is a dietary liquid supplement which by its wealth of natural plants, trace elements, provides the essential catalysts for the proper functioning of the dog’s body. It is commonly used for adjunctive treatment of joint and ligament pain (dysplasia). It improves the behavior and character of the dog.

Contra-Indication : None.  Doping contol : Negatif.  Eco extraction 100 % Natural.

Why should you choose AMA-DOG ?

Because the results are visible very quickly and they are sustainable.

AMA-DOGis unique and manufactured according to an ancestral recipe of villages that border the Swiss Alps and is still used today for working dogs. The mode of action is totally different from what is commonly found on the market.

Recommended for rescue dogs, police dogs, sporting dogs and breeding dogsand for all companion dogsas well.  The improvement usually begins after 10 days. The results are excellent and almost always constant in cases like articular and ligament pain(dysplasia).

Use :The suitable dose of AMA-DOG is 20 ml for a 20 kg dog (1 ml / kg) until the symptoms seem to improve, then one dose 3 times per week for maintenance. The bottle cap serves as a dispenser with a capacity of 20 ml.